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Fantasy Football Draft Day Research

A Concrete Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Does Not Exist

Similar to the day before Christmas for a child, the day of your fantasy football draft is an unhealthy mixture of anxiety, excitement, and uncertainty. These emotions tend to be pushed aside by one statement that you repeatedly make year after year: This is the year I win my league.

And while your lofty goals of a league championship reverberate through your head, your draft results end up being a bigger failure then Ryan Leaf’s career.

What went wrong?

More than likely, a player falls into two categories when it comes to their fantasy football draft strategy:

  1. They failed to properly research what players to select in what round. (Unprepared)
  2. They continually second guessed their default pick only to switch it at the last moment. (Over-prepared)

Does a concrete strategy exist for your draft? Absolutely not. You need to be flexible. Who knows what draft position you will be assigned. But whether you’re the first pick, the last pick, or dead smack in the middle, you can create a detailed blueprint that guides you throughout your draft for the best possible players.

Waiver Warrior provides top notch draft strategy and insights to help make the best possible selections for your fantasy football team. Your fantasy football draft should not be taken lightly. With the proper research and insights, you can feel more confident about heading into the start of your fantasy football season.