Chip Kelly Is Ruining Fantasy Football

chip kelly running

Chip Kelly does what he wants, when he wants.

DeSean Jackson? Gone! 

Lesean McCoy? Gone! 

Jeremy Maclin? Gone! 

Nick Foles? Gone! 

Riley Cooper? Still there…

Chip Kelly is single handily ruining fantasy football. Well, maybe not ruining it completely, but making it much more difficult for fantasy football players to have concrete values of a player.

From The NCAA To The NFL

There’ no doubt that Chip Kelly is one of the most polarizing coaches currently in the NFL. We knew this would probably happen based on his style of coaching with the Oregon Ducks. But when most coaches make the shift from college to pro, they usually refine their processes to better suit the talent of athletes they are about to coach.

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Nope, not Chip.

Chip has completely flipped NFL coaching on it’s side, by not only injecting his quick-paced offense that is completely blind-siding defenses, but having no priority when it comes to players.

Chip believes that any player should be able to run his offense, and if they can’t, he’ll find someone that will.  And therein lies the problem.

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From standout stars to multiple standout mediocrity

So it’s not like Chip Kelly invented the RBBC (Running Back By Committee) approach, but he’s surely making an effort to emphasize it.

With the recent trade of LeSean McCoy, an absolute star for the Eagles, we figured Chip would utilize his current running back Darren Sproles to replace McCoy.

Unexpectedly, Chip and the Eagles sign Ryan Matthews from the San Diego Chargers. Ok, so Chip brings in a value veteran. We could see that. But why stop there? Might as well sign the 2014-15 rushing leader DeMarco Murrary to a health contract as well, right?

Wait, what?

Now, not only do you trade your star RB, but you bring on two other fantasy-relevant RB’s on the same team? There’s only one thing that’s going through the minds of fantasy football players around the nation:

chip kelly talledega nights quote

That is only the beginning. Chip has also managed to trade away a pretty decent QB in Nick Foles in exchange for Sam Bradford, a former 1st round pick that would have a better career as a crash test dummy.

And then there is the wide receiver conundrum.

He first trades away DeSean Jackson in the 2013 season. Then after a breakout 2014 season from a final healthy Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles and Chip make no effort to re-sign him. We did see some great potential in rookie Jordan Matthews, yet, the team is ok with Riley Cooper as their #2?

How does this affect fantasy football?

As if it isn’t hard enough to draft players with high ceiling potential for the season, we now have to research 2nd and 3rd string player’s potential draft value, based on the fact that Chip Kelly is a child playing an arcade game with unlimited tokens.

Well, if a player starts to do well, couldn’t we just pick him up off the waiver wire?

Sure, you could pick him up and start him the following week. But then good ole’ Chip decides he’s tired of using that player, and subs in another no-namer who does equally as well, and you’re shit out of luck. There’s no consistency.

We’re even go out on a limb and say that he makes Tim Tebow a valuable waiver wire pickup by the fourth game of the season.

The Takeaway: Be vary careful not to overdraft players in high octane offenses that have equally valuable co-teammates. More than likely this is directed at running backs.

Although the player may have a high ceiling, the amount of touches that he receives significantly devalues him. If there is two notable players competing for the same position, wait on them. Odds are you can pick them up in later rounds for the appropriate value.

Why is this such a big deal?

Chip Kelly is making waves through the NFL coaching scene, and although position by committee is really starting to take shape, it may be even more prevalent based on the fact that Chip Kelly is having success with it. We’re already starting to see some major RBBCs trending with these teams:

Eagles: DeMarco Murrary, Ryan Matthews, Darren Sproles

Saints: Mark Ingram, CJ Spiller, Khiry Robinson

Giants: Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams, Shane Vereen

Rams: Tre Mason, Todd Gurley, Benny Cunningham

Jets: Chris Ivory, Zak Stacy, Steven Ridley, Billal Powell

Chargers: Melvin Gordon, Brandon Oliver, Danny Woodhead, Donald Brown

It’s only going to become more frustrating and confusing come fantasy football draft day, and it’s all because of Chip Kelly’s “child who found his father’s gun” attitude.

Chip Kelly sucks.