Eagles’ Doug Pederson May Resign Before Coaching

Doug Pederson and Philadelphia Eagles scandal

Problems Already With Eagles and Doug Pederson?

As if the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have enough problems the past few seasons with now ex-head coach Chip Kelly’s management and coaching style, the hiring of Kansas City Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson looked to be a vast improvement for the team’s leadership and play-calling duties for the upcoming 2016 NFL season…

But things may change very quickly. Hold on to your butts Eagles fans, it’s going to be a wild ride.

It Starts With Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, and Chip Kelly Saga

Jeffrey Lurie surely didn’t hide his disdain for Chip Kelly towards the end of the 2015 NFL regular season. It was a real mess in Philadelphia, party because of Kelly’s full control of management which made Howie Roseman almost invisible as the GM.

Lurie and Roseman knew that they would be searching for a new head coach for 2016, and it was made publicly that they wanted to get a head start (and this was the reason for the firing of Chip Kelly prior to the end of the season). This, in turn, would give management control back to Roseman, who owner Lurie is very fond of.

This seemed to be the right move for the Eagles. With so much media coverage around Chip Kelly, a new head coach would revive the Philadelphia franchise.

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Why Doug Pederson Was Hired

There was a lot of chatter around Doug Pederson becoming a potential head coach based on one crucial factor: Andy Reid.

Doug Pederson garnered Andy Reid’s utmost praise for his coaching abilities and former player experience. While working for the last three years as the Offensive Coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs under Reid, Pederson went 31-17. Not too shabby.

When it came to making a decision for the head coaching job for the Philadelphia Eagles, Laurie and Roseman would surely listen to Andy Reid’s endorsement of Doug Pederson; Reid’s relationship with the Eagles front office is still highly valued from his tenure of coaching the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 seasons, as well as being the Eagles’ Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

Because of Reid’s trust authority with the Eagles management, the interview process for Doug Pederson was as frictionless as possible. Pederson was immediately hired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for the upcoming 2016 NFL season, and the Eagles are back on track.

Here’s Where It Gets Real Juicy

According to undisclosed sources (who will be referenced and remain anonymous for the entirety of this story), the relationship between Andy Reid and Doug Pederson is significantly more “colorful” than Reid’s support of Pederson’s coaching prowess.

Allegedly, while with the Kansas City Chiefs, Doug Pederson (who is married with three children) was having an affair with a 26-year-old female secretary of the Chiefs. While this is unclear if this was a regular happening or a one-time incident, it wasn’t long before chatter started among personnel, and Andy Reid found out.

Andy Reid being a man of integrity and morals, approached Pederson with a proposal: Pederson would not be allowed to return to the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff (even if he did not land a head coaching position) in exchange for Reid sweeping the alleged affair under the rug and continue to be the pitchman for Pederson as a potential head coach.

It was also stated that Reid and Pederson would lie to the media about Pederson calling plays (when in reality it was Reid) because it would look bad if Laurie and Roseman hired a coach that had never called plays in his past position.

Side Note: One of Doug Pederson’s first requests as new head coach of the Eagles was hiring a new male assistant that was previously occupied by a female.  A bit odd in nature, but nothing that would raise eyebrows at the time.

The Snowball Effect

Recently at the 2016 NFL Combine, rumors started to spread among coaches and players about Pederson’s alleged affair and the agreement between Reid and Pederson prior to his hiring.

Undisclosed sources say at one point during the combine, Howie Roseman approached Andy Reid and voiced his disappointment for not letting the Eagles organization know about the affair prior to hiring the coach.

Moving Forward

Sources confirm that various coaches and players like Brett Boyko are now starting to be asked more and more about the situation.

While there has been no active investigation on this story, there is a long list of players/coaches with dark secrets in the NFL that do everything possible to keep their actions under rap.

If this story continues to develop, will Doug Pederson and the Eagles have a breakup before the relationship ever really begins?



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