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Eagles’ Doug Pederson May Resign Before Coaching

Doug Pederson and Philadelphia Eagles scandal

Problems Already With Eagles and Doug Pederson? As if the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have enough problems the past few seasons with now ex-head coach Chip Kelly’s management and coaching style, the hiring of Kansas City Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson looked to be a vast improvement for the team’s leadership and play-calling duties for the […]

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Chip Kelly Is Ruining Fantasy Football

chip kelly running

Chip Kelly does what he wants, when he wants. DeSean Jackson? Gone!  Lesean McCoy? Gone!  Jeremy Maclin? Gone!  Nick Foles? Gone!  Riley Cooper? Still there… Chip Kelly is single handily ruining fantasy football. Well, maybe not ruining it completely, but making it much more difficult for fantasy football players to have concrete values of a […]

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