7 Signs That You’re Obsessed With Fantasy Football

man obsessed with fantasy football

The First Step Is Admitting You May Have a Problem.

Originally, this post used the word addicted instead of obsessed, but the nature of addiction is something that you cannot function in life without, and fantasy football, is only part of the year.

It’s damn sad when it’s over though. We can all agree on that.

While most fantasy players enjoy the thrill of victory, trash talking amongst friends, or embracing the title of “Office Champion”, there is a fine line between enjoying fantasy football and being completely obsessed with it.

For some, they may cross that line without even knowing it.

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If you found yourself agreeing with one of the seven signs below, it may be too late for help.

1. You wake up at 4 a.m. to see if your waiver wire requests cleared.

The waiver wire can certainly assist in bringing home your league championship. One under-the-gun player can absolutely reverse your losing streak and catapult you into the win column. (Example: Odell Beckham Jr.).

As the season progresses though, you tend to rely more frequently on the wire, even if there is no need for a player that week.

Your obsession grows to the point where you’re setting your alarm at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning and drearily logging in to make sure you acquired your requested player. To which usually follows a feeling of euphoria or the oppositional phrase, “How in the hell did they get him before me!”


2. You’re mock drafting before training camp starts.

Is mock drafting beneficial? Without a doubt.

Mock drafting can absolutely aid in your draft strategy by allowing you to choose from different positions to get a feel for who you’ll be selecting.

And while we absolutely condone participating in multiple mock drafts, there is no need to initiate this process before NFL training camp begins.

Why you ask?

Training camp truly separates the men from the boys in the NFL. It brings out the best in emerging players and portrays who will be ready come regular season.

Training camps are a hotbed for injuries, demotions, and releases; so beyond the fact that you cannot give up mock drafting, there’s no point in starting so early.

3. You overhear a fantasy football conversation with complete strangers and chime in.

It’s like you’re being pulled in by a tractor beam. It doesn’t matter who started the conversation, how many people are involved, or that they are complete strangers.

If you catch wind of a fantasy football discussion, you make a B-line to vent about how you lost by one point, some player really blew it for you this week, or how you plain suck at fantasy football.

tractor beam gif

4. You can name every running back’s handcuff.

Whether it’s your first time playing fantasy football or you’re a seasoned veteran, by the end of the season you have a solid grasp on who the starting running back is for most teams.

But, you may have to seek out some help if you can name every starting running back’s handcuff without a hitch. It’s obviously important to select the backup to your RB1 in case of injuries, suspension, or loss of goal line carries.

Knowing every single handcuff is putting you in a refined group of crazies.

5. The only game you watch on Sunday is the Red Zone Channel.

Remember the good ole days before fantasy, when you sat down with your favorite snacks and a six pack of bee…soda and watched your favorite team.

Well, after being introduced to fantasy, those times are clearly over. The Red Zone channel is a gift and a curse.

Who cares about the game, when you have the potential to catch your player about to score you 6 points (unless they give it to an obscure player, which tends to happen more often than not).

The only thing that is more un-inspiring than watching a live feed from every game from 10 yards out of the end-zone is the ears of DirecTv’s Red Zone Channel host, Andrew Siciliano.


6. You’re caught checking your score during an important event.

Smart phones and fantasy football apps are a thing of beauty. You no longer have to wait till you locate a computer to check out your current progress of your team.

There’s a little hiccup though; it’s too accessible.

If you’re obsessed with fantasy football, it won’t take you long to realize you’re nose deep in your smartphone during weddings, holidays, your children’s recitals, and dare we say it: funerals.

7. You catch yourself rooting against your favorite team.

Where does it end?!?!

Fantasy football truly plays Jedi mind tricks. This is absolutely the nail-in-the-coffin to your obsession with fantasy football.

The team that you were raised on as a child, is competing right before your eyes, and all you can wish for is that they fail to convert this 3rd and long to potentially win the game, thus losing your weekly game of fantasy.